Gender reveal Ideas for a great Baby Shower

Gender reveal Ideas for a great Baby Shower
A gender reveal party is an great way to welcome the arrival of a baby girl or boy into the family. Gather your nearest and dearest for a day of fun and get them involved in a guessing game. Check out our list for awesome ideas! (And don’t forget to snap photos of the moment!)

  1. Balloon Box – The classic traditional gender reveal! Simply fill a box with either pink or blue balloons. Before the box is opened, have every guest guess your baby’s gender. Those who guessed correctly wins a token prize.

  2. Cake Reveal – Another twist to the classic gender reveal is a cake surprise. Have your baker create a sponge cake with either a dominant blue or dark pink hue. Top the sponge cake with white icing. Towards the end of your gender reveal party, have the baby mum and dad cut the cake open.

  3. Confetti surprise – Confetti poppers now come in exclusive colors. You may opt to play a guessing game beforehand or simply count to three and pop!

  4. Belly Pop – Have a board painted with rows of female shapes. Pin a balloon to each of the female shape. But before doing so, fill all but one balloon with white paint. Fill the remaining balloons with either pink or blue, depending on your baby’s gender. Have your guests take turns popping the balloons. The one who pops the “belly” wins.

  5. Smoke bombs away! – Gather your guests round. At the count of three, release the color bombs. You may want to up the excitement factor by first releasing confusing colors such as brown, orange, or green.

  6. Athletic style – If dad’s a sports aficionado, get them to display their skills! Have dad hit a balloon open filled with either pink or blue powder.

  7. Gender Reveal Photos – No gender reveal party? No problem! You can still announce your baby’s gender in style! Snap a creative photo with the mum holding onesies or shoes in the color of the baby’s gender. Go crazy! Mom can wear a ribbon in her hair, hold balloons or blow a pink or blue bubble with bubblegum. This is a great keepsake for loved ones overseas!

  8. Gender Reveal Cake Pops and Cupcakes – These lip-smacking pastries are fast becoming favorites! Have cake pops or cupcakes baked in the proper color and serve for dessert. To up the ante, have everyone bite into their cake pops and cupcakes at the same time.

  9. Piñata, anyone? – Gender-reveal piñatas are now sold in most stores. If none are available in your area, you may use any box. Fill the piñatas with either blue or pink candy (you can also fill it with little items of the same color – crayons, tiny toys, confetti etc). Have fun as the suspense builds. Keep safe and have participants stay a safe distance away from the piñata.

  10. Balloon Pop – A balloon pop has got to be the most exciting gender reveal for a party or photo session. Simply fill a balloon with pink or blue confetti. Then have a guest (the oldest family member, for instance) pop the balloon.

  11. Gender Reveal Bonfire – Woah! This gender reveal is as unique as it sounds. Gather round family and friends outdoor for a bonfire. Soon as everyone comes, toss in a flame-color-changing chemical.

  12. Messy Reveal – If mum and dad are game and are willing to get a bit messy, fill water guns with either pink or blue paint (use non-toxic, easy-to-wash children’s paint) and have guests fire away! Wear white to make the color stand out. (And yes, this looks awesome in pictures!)
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